Community Art with a Heart

A mosaic mural to bring Talent together
& support the Equamore Foundation

Oregon’s newest public art creation: The Horses of Equamore mosaic mural being led by Karen Rycheck. Here is the link to her indiegogo fundraising page, where you can donate and in exchange, receive your name (or whoever’s you want) hand-stamped into a ceramic tile that will be a part of the mural! How cool is that? There are tons of animals and options- check it out. Tiles range from $10-1000. Also available is a mosaic workshop for 4! Don’t miss this chance to be representing for Talent!


Pony Up for Public Art

It’s time for horse lovers and all the rest of you to pony up for public art!

“Hi, my name is Karen Rycheck and I’m a mosaic/ceramic artist living here in the lovely Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. I have just received a grant from the Ashland-based Lloyd Haines Philanthropic Foundation to partially fund the creation of a 27 foot x 2.5 foot mosaic mural (to be place on the Main St. side of Grotto Pizza) for the town that I love, Talent (see drawing above)! You might ask, “Why do you need more money, Karen”? Well, the grant covers research, design, and planning for the mural, but most of the materials and studio expenses aren’t covered by the grant.

My mural will depict the horses of the Equamore Foundation, a 23-year-old non-profit horse rescue organization for neglected, abused, and abandoned horses.  I intend this mural to be a way to honor the horses for their stoic will to survive as well as bring attention to this worthy cause in our Valley while adding a beautiful piece of art to our town’s core. Many of the rescued horses at Equamore are brought in as skin and bones. Some have been left for months or years relying solely on themselves to find food and water. Others have been physically abused to the point of no longer being safe around people anymore. The good folks at Equamore, mostly volunteers, have been working hard to take care of these poor beauties and rehabilitate them as best they can. They currently have over 50 horses on site. Though a few are in foster homes, they will never have an owner other than the Equamore Foundation due to their prior abuse. As the only organization of it’s kind in this Valley, Equamore provides a critical service for our horse-loving community.

Here is the chance for you to participate, either by helping to construct this newest mural directly, or by donating and having your own wildlife/horse donor tile created to be a part this mosaic that is Talent. As pledges come in, I will be creating the specialty tiles for donors, as well as the horse tiles that make up the main scene of the mural in my home studio in Talent. I will select a tile for you from your chosen category, to make sure there’s plenty of variety of critters.

Businesses, as well as individuals, will happily  be acknowledged on the Pony Up for Talent Public Art Facebook page, though only individual or family names will be used on the actual tiles. I will be inviting and encouraging other experienced ceramic artists from Talent and the surrounding area to help in this process as much as possible. The donor tiles will be more detail-oriented and labor-intensive, as each piece will be hand cut, textured, hand-stamped with the donors’ names, and hand-glazed one at a time. Once the fundraising is over, and all the donor tiles completed, we will be making and sourcing more tile for the landscape fill areas. Helpers from the community will set these (perhaps you) under my direction and with the help of other mosaic artists from the area. There will be nine 2.5 x 3 foot panel sections to complete before installation. Check the Pony Up for Talent Public Art Facebook page to view drawings and sample tiles, see details of the mural design, and to connect for volunteer opportunities and updates!”